Tree Agate Stability Stone Bracelet 4mm
Tree Agate Stability Stone Bracelet 4mm
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Tree Agate Stability Stone Bracelet 4mm

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Agate in general is said to be a stone that promotes inner stability, making Tree Agate an amplified version. Tree Agate is an excellent stone to use as a personal talisman as it will help your body gain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength.

It will give you the stamina to handle everything that you’re supposed to do and everything that’s expected of you. It will also give you a sense of your own power!

Tree Agate is not banded, which makes it technically not an Agate when it comes to scientific terms, but it’s still a member of the agate family
This type of Agate is often colorless, grey, or white, and it usually displays tree or fern-like manganese and iron inclusions.
Tree Agate is also known as Dendric Agate and can be found in Uruguay, India, and Brazil.