Sun's Eye Smudge Sprays

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Enjoy the cleansing power of Palo Santo or White Sage in your home, office, car, or anywhere you travel. Sun's Eye Palo Santo or White Sage Clearing Sprays are a wonderful smoke-free alternative to smudging with herbs.

These Smudge Sprays are great for using in places where you are unable to burn sage or palo santo, but still want to remove yucky or negative energy.

Comes in a 2 fluid ounce bottle with a spray cap. For external use only.

Contents: Each Clearing Spray is a blend of essential oils in distilled water and polysorbate-20, an emulsifier derived from coconut.

About Sun's Eye

Based in Florida, Sun's Eye is known for fine hand-blended ritual oils and aroma products. Their proprietary blends are made from aromatic roots, resin, herbs, flowers, woods, and essential oils. Sun's Eye products are all alcohol-free, petroleum-free, and free of animal ingredients and animal testing.

About Palo Santo

Palo Santo (or “Holy Wood”) is a sweet-smelling tropical wood that is a natural incense. It has been used for healing and cleansing in South America since the time of the Incas. Palo Santo is said to remove negative spirits and energies, increase relaxation, and bring joy and harmony to the home.

About White Sage

White Sage Clearing Spray, earthy and herbaceous, is traditionally associated with spiritual and energetic cleansing. Use it to elevate your personal space.