Spessartine Garnet in Limestone Sphere
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Spessartine Garnet in Limestone Sphere

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Lovely Spessartine Garnet with its orangey/browny color in creamy/buff/white Limestone. A stone of attraction and creativity.

Approximately 30mm and a little over 1" wide.

Spessartine Garnet in Limestone is, above all, a stone of attraction and creativity. It helps to bring our ideas of attraction into reality. It vibrates at a high rate, which means that it may bring to us the things that we desire much more quickly than perhaps we realize - or may be ready for. It enhances our creative abilities and our charisma and empowers us to take action to achieve our goals. It encourages us to be confident, optimistic, impulsive, positive, daring and even risk-taking. Spessartine Garnet in Limestone also enhances our analytical processes and helps us to develop and explore our rational mind. It helps to instill within us a sense of innocence and a desire to help others. It also helps us to talk about embarrassing and oppressive things that may be regarded as taboo subjects, and, in doing so, helps us to clear such thoughts. Spessartine Garnet in Limestone can also help to relieve sexual emotional problems. It brings relief from nightmares and is an antidepressant.

Spessartine Garnet in Limestone helps us to appreciate the creative energy of the universe. It keeps us grounded and centered and at the same time gives us the determination to further our spiritual life. It is an excellent stone for manifestation, i.e. the bringing of energy into form.