Seven Chakra Choker
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Seven Chakra Crystal Choker

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Seven Chakra Crystal Choker

It is a widely held view that certain crystals and stones contain high vibrational energy, which can be transmitted to you and restore your own energetic balance.

Chakras are considered to be your most important energy centers, and gemstones can truly assist you in restoring your spiritual energies within these vortexes of energy.

Each chakra can be balanced and healed by chakra stones and crystals. 

Each stones in this choker represent each chakra to assist with with chakra balancing. The seven main Chakras are Root (red), Sacral (orange), Solar (yellow or Gold), Heart (Green), Throat (Light blue), Third Eye ( indigo or purple) and Crown (Purple or clear). Wear these bracelets and meditate and each color one at a time to assist with Chakra Balancing.

One Size Fits Most with Adjustable Clasp