Selenite Pendant with Chakra Stones

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Selenite Pendant with Chakra Stones

Stunningly unique Selenite Pendant with Chakra stones.
Stones resin coated to keep all stones firmly in place before being wire wrapped with Argentium Sterling Silver.

Made with love by local artist Iliamna Rose. She has created a full line of chakra jewelry highlighted by a variety of stones, as well as numerous expertly wrapped crystals presented as pendants and earrings.

Crown- Amethyst
Third Eye- Iolite
Throat- Kyanite
Heart- Peridot
Solar Plexus- Citrine
Sacral- Carnelian
Root- Garnet

Iliamna Rose has a diverse selection of products available at Cosmic Delights and Jewelry, Crystals, Gifts, Incense, CBDs, Jewelry, Candles & Statuary for your enjoyment. Which one will you choose?

Appx 2" x 7/8"