Sacred Sound Ritual Concert with Luna Lynn Frey

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Have you ever thought about hosting a Sacred Sound Ritual Concert?

It can happen when you book this 1 hour concert at the location of your choice (includes travel within a 20 mile radius of Madison, WI).

What happens during a Sacred Sound Ritual Concert?

Sacred Sound Oracle Luna Lynn Frey will perform for you using uniquely inspired combinations of vocal toning while playing a crystal singing bowl. The effects from this combination create an other worldly experience for all in attendance. Crystal singing bowls are able to alter brainwave frequencies so they are ideal for manifesting intentions through a meditative state. 

Luna Lynn produces an amazing variety of sounds intended to evoke images, messages and impressions that help lead a person to manifest their intention in the most beneficial manner. These sacred sounds alter energetic frequencies so they are in resonance with the intention set. You can manifest you intentions by yourself or invite friends to this communal sacred sound concert at your house, retreat or other beautiful setting.