Morganite Tumbled

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Morganite is a wonderful heart healer and facilitates heart truth with calm, loving verbal expression and through active and intuitive listening. Morganite activates and energizes loving intentions, respect, and supports patience when moving forward with your actions. Morganite’s energies works on the highest level of the heart chakra allowing for purity in thoughts and actions for the greatest vibratory expression of love and healing. Morganite’s soft pink crystalline vibrations resonate with the frequency of divine love and compassion for self and others. Morganite helps to release old pain and attachment to suffering replacing a negative outlook with a lighter, joy-filled attitude and way of being. Anger, resentment and fears are cleared away and released with understanding and forgiveness allowing for the establishment of healthy boundaries and the “right” love balance in current or future relationships. Morganite may help to attract a soul mate into your life. Aligned with divine energy, Morganite supports the connection with angelic beings, universal cosmic information, and divine guidance. Meditating or wearing Morganite creates feelings of support from the spirit realm and angelic beings. Morganite is a stone of emotional abundance and acceptance allowing one to feel unlimited love of self and for others, which in turn creates more feelings of love to vibrate out to all beings.