Moqui Balls
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Moqui Balls

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Each ball is 1 to 1 1/4" around and 3/4 to 1" tall

Price is for a Pair of Moqui Balls.

Known variously as Shaman Stones, Mochi Marbles, or Moqui Balls, these stones are believed to be among the most energetic on earth. The major properties claimed for them are: cleansing, relaxation, and being able to provide a great boost to meditation and astral journeying. Each stone is said to have a distinct energy which depends on its size and gender. The gender of the stone is linked to the motion of a pendulum when it is held directly above the stones. If it moves in a linear direction the stone is male while a circular motion indicates the stone is female. Small stones are believed to have faster, more vibrant energy while the larger ones have slower, deeper energy.

To take advantage of the energy of Shaman stones you need to lie down and relax. Hold a stone in your hand, or one in each hand. If you’re receptive to their energy it is believed that you’ll soon feel a warmth coming up your arms.