Medicine Buddha Tibetan Prayer Flags from Nepal
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Medicine Buddha Tibetan Prayer Flags from Nepal

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The mantra of Medicine Buddha is "Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha-Bekandze Randza Samudgate Svaha". It's believed that reciting this mantra has a healing effect and one can eliminate sickness in the body and gain long life.

  • This listing is for a large roll of prayer flags and there are 25 flags in the roll and each flag measures 9.5 inches inches by 9 inches. Each of the flag has Medicine Buddha Designs and prayers and mantras. The prayer flags are handmade in Kathmandu Nepal.
  • Prayer flags are usually to hang indoor and out on roof top or top of mountains that the wind blows and releases prayers into the universe and create a warm environment. In Tibet, Nepal or India, you can see prayer flags on the hill top or on the temple or stupas.
  • You will receive one roll of Tibetan Prayer flags and the roll contains 25 flags and each flag measures 9 inches by 9.5 inches.
  • There are five different colors which are red, yellow, green, blue and white and they represent five elements. The flags are made and printed in Kathmandu Nepal.