Mala with Chakra Gemstones and Rudraksha Beads

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Keep you chakras stimulated, energized and balanced with a gemstone mala. Malas are made with natural rudraksha beads and 8mm gemstone beads that correspond to the 7 chakras (red jas[er, carnelian, honey jade, green aventurine, sodalite. lapis, and amethyst). This colorful mala has 108 beads and a black tassel.
Made of natural Rudraksha seeds. Variations and naturally occuring imperfections may be present. Rudrasksha beads are used to heal various Chakras of the human body. The seeds help cure migraine, high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain and other physical ailment.

Garnet, carnelian, honey jade, green aventurine, reconstitute turquoise, sodalite and amethyst beads.