Kyanite Pendants
Kyanite Pendants
Kyanite Pendants
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Kyanite Pendants

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• Blue Kyanite w/ Tourmaline

• Black Kyanite

• Blue Kyanite w/ Selenite

Blue Kyanite: Kyanite is considered to be something of an exotic gem, but far from just a pretty face, it comes 
enriched with deep healing properties. Humming with high vibrations, seemingly free from gathering toxic energies, and as pure and cleansing as swimming in the Aegean Sea, Kyanite is all about the feelgood flow.

Black Kyanite: Full of healing energy, Black Kyanite is a favorite among energy healers and is especially helpful in body layouts. Black Kyanite can be placed on any Chakra to send healing energy to any tears or holes in the Chakras and the aura. Its fan shape can help to sweep away any unwanted energies.

Pendant shapes and sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece.


Blue Kyanite w/ Tourmaline Appx 2"x.75
Black Kyanite Appx 2"x.75
Blue Kyanite w/ Selenite Appx. 1.5"x.75