Holographic Sound Healing Session with Luna Lynn Frey

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When you decide to book a session with Luna Lynn Frey, she will ask you to set your session intention. This can relate to career, relationship, life decisions or anything else you would like to manifest, gain insight about or achieve. Setting the intention gets the intuitive ball rolling and determines which doorways will be open and is paramount in clearly manifesting your goal.

During the session, your soul, body, and aura are bathed with nourishing high vibrational sounds and messages. Messages and images are brought to your consciousness that help you release or bring all of what you are up until now into right space. Your spirit grows and expands now that the old dead skin has been sluffed off and you re-enter the world a new being with arms outstretched. New wings emerge and you go forth into your world with a different perspective full of gratitude, love, passion, and vision.

Sessions last about 90 minutes.

Holographic Sound Healing is the practice of using sound to wake up the body and reharmonize it. When we are healthy our body is vibrating in a harmonious way. But when we experience illness or dis-ease, our bodies have grown out of tune. Anything that is in a dis-ease state can be shifted and have it come into harmony. Holographic Sound Healing can assist a person in raising their vibration and taking them up to a higher consciousness level.

This unique form of healing utilizes vocal toning in addition to crystal singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls, made up of 99.9% pure quartz crystal, are magnificent tools to work with for HSH. Crystal singing bowls move the vibrations faster than any other method currently available, and when added to HSH techniques it this becomes a potent way to achieve change. Blending voice with both the crystal singing bowls and HSH techniques creates nearly unlimited overtones and harmonics to work with.

A Holographic Sound Healing Session is therefore not just a simple reading. It is a sacred ceremony of honoring. It is a right of passage that reflects your divine essence. When a person can feel his/her divine essence, the person can step back and see life’s circumstances from a new perspective. Are you ready to see your life from a new perspective?


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