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FURRY BONES® love costumes to DEATH! A little dead and super cute, they come in all sorts of costumes and always lovingly gazing with their eyes (sockets?!). Which Furrybones® suits your fancy? Let them keep you company in your office, by your bed, and in the kitchen. You’ll always find them in their best skeletal smile and sure to make you smile too. They make great birthday and anniversary gifts! 

ABOUT THE ARTIST Misaki spent her first 16 years of her life growing up in Tokyo. She moved to LA just before her seventeenth birthday, and in high school, she began to take art more seriously. Art class was something she understood in Japanese or in English. She studied anatomy in art school and spent quite a bit of time with cadavers in anatomy labs. Her interest in anatomy plays a major role in her creations. Her art is, in a sense, a celebration of the living and the dead, and something in between as well.

Size: Appx 3.5"x 1.5"