Crystal Pendulum

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Each pendulum is unique. And it’s not a romanticism to remark that there really is a stone for everybody out there, whoever you may be!

And if you’re wondering how to choose the best crystal pendulum, don’t worry. When you first hold it in your hand, you’ll know with an almost electrical clarity.

These pendulums have metal chains.

When asking what pendulums are used for, newcomers to using crystals are often astonished in finding just how versatile they can be.

All throughout history, pendulums have been utilized to find water, gems, gold, and other important items.

In ancient Europe, doctors and scientists made use of pendulums to locate weak or infected areas of the body.

You can also use Pendulums to determine the gender of an unborn baby.

Pendulums have a long and interesting history. During WWII, Colonel Kenneth Merrylees used a pendulum to locate buried bombs.