Carnelian Pendants by Iliamna Rose
Carnelian Pendants by Iliamna Rose
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Carnelian Pendants by Iliamna Rose

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Handmade and expertly crafted Carnelian pendants by Iliamna Rose. 

Carnelian With Triple Moon Pendant:

$30.00 | 18" Chain | Appx 1.5" x 1" 

Carnelian Wire Wrapped Pendant:

$15.00 | Includes Cord | Appx .75" x .5" 

There is a reason why Carnelian has been used for so long and by so many different cultures. The strength and energy that this stone possesses are of remarkable quality and must be personally experienced to fully appreciate. When our lower 3 chakras become activated by Carnelian our personal will begins to kick into overdrive. Courage, power, and passion are a few traits that will be pulled into the forefront when working with this stone!

CHAKRA: Sacral

PLANETS: Mars | Sun

ZODIAC: Virgo | Sagittarius