Blue Kyanite Small Gemmy Tumbled
Blue Kyanite Small Gemmy Tumbled
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Blue Kyanite Small Gemmy Tumbled

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These vibrant blue specimens are 5/8-3/4" by 3/8-1/2" and 1/8-1/4" thick. Perfect for wire wrapping!

Although Kyanite comes in colors other than blue, the meaning of its name comes from the Greek word which means 'blue'.  

These crystals aid the development of spiritual and psychic gifts. As Kyanite does not retain or accumulate negative vibrations of any type it does not need cleansing, other than to remove dust, and it is highly beneficial to use it often to align your chakras.

In meditation it has the potential to open the third eye, which will promote clairvoyant gifts, clairaudience, mental telepathy and other psychic abilities.  

Its energy is gentle and balanced, as it takes you easily to the higher spiritual realms. Blue Kyanite is a strong crystal energy stone and will work very well if used with other high vibration stones.