Oracle Readings with Rebecca Silvera
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Oracle Readings with Rebecca Silvera

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Oracle Readings are a quick and easy way to drop in with your spirit guides and receive insight on a wide variety of questions you may have.

You will have your choice of 2 decks to draw from and Rebecca acts as a conduit for the guidance flowing through.

Choose between the Goddess Power Oracle (By the internationally acclaimed oracle expert and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid) or the Sacred Rebels Oracle (By Alma Fairchild with art by Autumn Sky Morrison)

NOTE: If you would like a LONGER session, please just book multiple 20 minute sessions in a row.

ABOUT Rebecca Silvera ------------------------

Rebecca is a recent transplant to Madison from NYC and is excited to share her gifts
with the community! She first studied Psychology at the U of MN and graduated in
2006. She then moved to Brooklyn, NY and worked as a Juvenile Correctional Officer
and a GLBTQ Caseworker. It was there that Rebecca began to thirst for a more tangible
source of healing in her life and decided to explore massage therapy. She attended the
Swedish Institute of Health Science and graduated in 2010. Over time she built a private practice and ran her own business for over 6 years. She also returned to the Swedish Institute in 2014, this time as an Adjunct Instructor, where she still teaches remotely. Although she loved massage therapy, Rebecca again began to hunger for something deeper, this time on the metaphysical level. This led her to explore channeling and mediumship. After years of developing these skills, she has now created a unique menu of offerings to help others on their spiritual journeys.