Amethyst Elestial Dragon Tooth Wands
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Amethyst Elestial Dragon Tooth Wands

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These points are mined in the state of Bahia, Brazil. They are technically elestial wands, but their shape reminds us of Dragon's teeth, so that's what we called them. Bahia Amethyst is relatively new to the market, and we love the grapey color and formation.  We hope you do too.

Amethyst is an exceptional stone for overcoming addictions and sloughing off unwanted behaviors.  Extremely calming, it opens a gateway for spiritual balance and access to memories of blissful Divine perfection.  It stills the mind, incorporating a peaceful state of pragmatic mindfulness with higher dimensional learning.  While Amethyst lifts us up, it also has the ability to bring on a gentle grounding effect so that a feeling of being balanced and present reigns.

These wands are all 2 1/2 to 3" long.