Moon Magic

Certified Moonologer™ Elliot Schulz

For millennia, enlightened individuals have been using the phases of the moon to manifest and make amazing things happen. Moonologer™ Elliot Schulz is excited to offer his in-person workshop, Moon Magic, to help others tune into the moon. Each workshop is customized to the specific energies of the moon at the time the workshop is held. Join us as we work together to channel our collective power to manifest results! Cost is $20 per moon.


RSVP - June 17 for Moon Magic: the New Moon in Gemini   

Confusion and deception will surround us at the time of this June 17 new moon. Planets are clashing, and the new moon goes “void of course.” In this workshop, we will learn about what this means for us and for our manifesting timeline. We will also explore the power of journaling in our new moon practice. The new moon is a time to share your desires and wishes with the universe. Join us as we work together to channel our collective power to manifest results!

In Moon Magic, you will learn about the different moon phases, explore the energies present in each phase, and develop skills to help you get in tune with the moon. Each Moon Magic workshop is a safe, encouraging, and welcoming space for all those who wish to learn and grow. Join us!

Certified Moonologer™ Elliot Schulz has worked with the moon for years. Elliot has certifications in meditation, crystals, wellness, and is a reiki master. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others through his website Elliot’s first book, Welcome Well, went to number one in the health and wellness category on Amazon. Welcome Well is a beginner’s guide to meditation, crystals, chakras, feng shui and more.