Magical Herbal Apothecary Part 1

Magical Herbal Apothecary- Part 1 

Sunday May 21st  2-4pm - $30

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Elixirs, incense, and potions all have one thing in common- herbs! Herbs are a key staple to any magical apothecary. But what herbs do you begin with? Begin with herbs that are local and abundant. There are so many magical herbs that grow right outside your door that has been used for magical practice for centuries and they are waiting to assist you in healing and in magic.

Unfortunately, over the years their wisdom has been suppressed and they have been cast aside as “unwanted weeds”. This has left many feeling magical herbs are distant, foreign, and potentially expensive. Not anymore! It is time to reconnect to the magic that is here.

Join Herbalist and Astrologer Jennifer Helmer of Eureka Astrology and Healing, to immerse yourself in the lore, and magical and medicinal uses of herbs that grow locally. During the class, we will discuss magical and medicinal preparations of these herbs and how to most effectively use them. We will also do a short, guided intuiting session on one magical herb to empower you to personally connect to magical plants.  You will also get to make your own magical herbal sachet to take home.

This is part one of the Magical Apothecary series. Each part will explore new magical herbs.


Jennifer Helmer is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Clinical Herbalist, Tarot Reader, Artist, and founder and operator of Eureka Astrology and Healing. For the last 15 years, Jennifer has served her community with her unique blend of knowledge, passion, and talent for connecting to the natural world and its healing abilities. She believes in a holistic approach to living and healing and weaves her diverse knowledge into all of her consultations. Her passion and mission is to support the collective healing of Mother Earth by guiding and empowering others to have healthy connections to themselves and the world they live in.

Since 2007, Jennifer has been passionate about sharing the joy and wisdom she finds in plants with her community. She has trained and worked at both Wildwood Institute and Community Pharmacy. She received her Clinic Herbalist certification, in 2015, from Wildwood Institute. Jennifer has taught herbal classes at Wildwood Institute, UW student groups, Community Pharmacy, Olbrich Gardens, Madison Herbal Institutes Herb Day, Peaceful Heart, and more. Jenifer’s passions are foraging for wild plants, teaching, tending to her garden, and making herbal medicines.