Kundalini Yoga with Amunta Sunna


Amunta Sunna aka the Sun Goddess!🌞 is extremely excited to bring a whole new fun aspect of Yoga to Cosmic Delights!

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga that helps us awaken to our highest potential! It has helped me connect back to my whole self and accept myself! I hope to help you flow with life more through these fun movement and breathwork class! Bring a yoga mat and pillow or cushion for comfort and your most casual comfy clothes as we move and breathe and flow!

Move Flow Breathe into your highest self! We will move past our limiting beliefs, set our intentions onto our highest path! Bring a friend who could use a boost!

This class is mostly an intro to Kundalini yoga class with some intermediate movements incorporated for those seasoned in yoga. Don't worry even if you have zero experience I've got lots of modifications and I go slow! There is no judgment here all levels are welcome. My goal is to pass on what I've become passionate about connecting back to your whole self. I hope to help you listen and tune into your body and yourself on a deeper level through this class! I am honored and very excited to be teaching this class with hopes of many more to come! If it goes well we will start a series:)

Amunta Sunna trained and received her Yoga Alliance Certification from Yoga Farm IthacaΒ and has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for several years. It has been a very healing and awakening experience of coming back to self.

Sunday June 25th at 3pm