Curious to learn more about the Elementals and Connect with them? Want to learn who your personal Fairy Spirit Guide is and how to connect with them? Join us on Sunday, June 25th at 1pm for a fun brief overview on the types of fairies/elementals, folklore, and history.

After this background information has been explored, you will be guided into a Shamanic Journey experience to actually meet and connect with your personal spirit Fairy Guide!!

Bring a notebook to record your experience and get tips on how to continue to connect! Feel free to dress in anything inspired Fairy to embody your inner Fairy! All ages welcome. Free for under 5 years old. Kids are great with Shamanic journeying and connecting as they are more open and receptive to it!

Even if you have never done a Shamanic journey, don't worry we will go slow and explain it well! Great for those having trouble connecting in meditation or who would like to open up their gifts/connection to guides.


Amunta Sunna trained and received her Yoga Alliance Certification from Yoga Farm Ithaca and has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for several years. It has been a very healing and awakening experience of coming back to self.