Eureka Astrology and Healing Birth Chart Reading



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A birth chart is a unique astrological map of exactly where the planets, sun, moon and constellations were in the sky when you were born. Each person’s chart is unique to them as the sky is in constant motion.  

​An astrological consultation is great for someone who wants to more deeply understand themselves through the exploration of how the planets are expressed within their chart.
During the consultation, we will go over how planetary placement, aspects and
energetics uniquely contribute to one's life experiences.   
In your birth chart consultation, we can explore: 

 Career strengths and focus 
 Seen as well as hidden talents  
 What kind of partners work well with you and your evolutionary, physical, and
emotional needs 
 The evolutionary path your soul has chosen in this life  
 Reoccurring themes and patterns in your life and how to work with them 
 Family dynamics 
 Challenges in your chart and how you can positively work with them 
 Ways to support your health and wellness 

After the consultation, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you can use the energies in your chart to work positively for you in life. 
Information needed for, and prior to, the consultation:
 Birth time (as exact as possible) 
 Birthday  
 Birth location - city, state, country 
 Your questions about your chart  (the number of questions covered will depend on the length of your reading)