Decoding Your Dreams - with Kayla Kim Storlid

Cost $20
Thursday Aug 24 at 6:30pm


Your dreams are trying to tell you something. Join me to learn the language of your dreams.

Together, we will cover the fundamentals of strengthening your dream abilities. We will explore the importance of dream recall, the vital information to record, symbols, characters, settings, emotions, themes, and interpretation. We will also touch on how to lucid dream, the purpose of reoccurring dreams and how setting intentions can bring you more clarity. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring a reoccurring dream to class to work on.

About Kayla

Kayla is a dream medium and healer. She has the ability to dream for others including family, friends, and pets that have passed over. She can connect to someone that has been missing.  She can also connect to your spirit and to the land.  People have reported having more vivid and detailed dreams after a reading or class with her.  Kayla has one to four incredibly vivid and detailed dreams every night.  She started researching dreams in grade school, checking out all the books she could at her elementary library.  She had her first lucid dream in middle school and her dreams started to come true.  She has been recording and tracking her dreams for years to gain a deeper understanding of what dreams are trying to tell us.  She discovered she has the ability to dream for others and has been helping others connect with their deepest intentions and with loved ones. Dreams are not just dreams, they are so much more, and together we can discover what they are trying to tell us.