About Us

Cosmic Delights owners Luna Lynn and Andrew Frey

2717 East Washington Ave and 638 S Gammon Rd Madison Wisconsin!

Cosmic Delights, conceived by the dynamic couple, Andrew and Luna Lynn Frey, stands as a continually evolving entity, attuned to the ever-shifting needs of the vibrant community it nurtures.

While societal norms often steer us toward seeking external sources for spiritual fulfillment, the wisdom of ancient mystics has consistently attested to the true power residing within each of us. In full alignment with this perspective, we advocate that every individual possesses an innate capacity to conjure magic and forge a direct bond with their inner spirit. We maintain that spirituality can be cultivated from within. 

Our commitment extends through the dedicated efforts of our team across both our locations, offering a rich array of tools and treasures indispensable for the manifestation of magic and the realization of empowerment.

This dynamic duo spent years in the retail world and have been at the helm of several past endeavors including Elves Palace, Cosmic Object, Spiritual Vibes, Hathors Hideaway and Mystic Bliss.

They have also been festival vendors at numerous local Madison street fairs as well as some larger music festivals for 10+ years.

Their combined experience and unique perspectives make them the perfect partners to bring this dynamic and diverse store to the world.



 The front door at Cosmic Delights 2334 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI

Cosmic Delights was located at 2334 Atwood Ave in Madison, WI from November of 2012 through 5/31/16. 

 Cosmic Delights at 2717 E. Washington Ave. Madison, WI


In May of 2017 Cosmic Delights reopened it's doors. This location is at 2717 E Washington Ave. (next to Hawthorn Library, across from Ella)

As time passed, many patrons requested that there would be a West side location of Cosmic Delights. One that was larger and could offer more of all the wonders that the store is known for.


Cosmic Delights at 638 S. Gammon Rd. Madison, WI 

Cosmic Delights West opened in November of 2022 at 638 S. Gammon Rd.