Nature Nature Pure Resin Incense Sticks

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Nature Nature incense sticks are 10″ long and all hand made, hand rolled and hand dipped using high quality resins, herbs and essential oils. Sun dried in the mid west region of America. These incense are super high quality and so potent you only need to burn an inch at a time. One of our all time customer favorites. So many kinds to choose from. Each pack contains 10 sticks.

Frankincense Pure: Aromatic benefits include clarifying, calming, focusing, stress relief. Magical uses include blessings, protection, purification, chakras and spirituality.

Frankincense Cedar Herb: Aromatic benefits include calming, balancing, strengthening, clarifying. Magical benefits include meditation, courage, psychic energy, self control.

Frankincense Patchouli:  Aromatic benefits include calming, aphrodesia, cleansing, concentration, soul soothing. Magical benefits include attraction, banishes negativity, growth, luck, love, mystery

Frankincense Sandalwood: Aromatic benefits include calming, centering, grounding, spirituality, stress relief. Magical benefits include blessing, astral projection, anointing, healing, courage

Full Moon Jasmine: romantic benefits include mood elevation, euphoria, warming. Magical benefits include happiness, harmony, prophetic dreams, astral projection.

Patchouli Passion:Aromatic benefits include calming, anti nausea. Magical uses include calling love, aiding in divination and clairvoyance, attracting wealth

Divine Rose: . Aromatic benefits include balancing, warming, uplifting. Magical benefits include health, love, luck, creativity, psychic awareness. 

Spiritual Sage:  Sage is a sacred herb, known for it's cleansing properties. The smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and cleanses it to become positive energy. 

Myrrh Pure: Aromatic benefits include clearing, concentration, soothing, stimulating, warming. Magical benefits include balancing chakras, astral projection, blessing, improving psychic energy

Yellow Sandalwood:Aromatic benefits include aphrodisiac, calming, grounding, relaxing, alleviating stress. Magical benefits include anointing, astral projection, attraction. blessing, concentration, protection

Red Sandalwood:Aromatic properties include cleansing, purification, stabilizing mind and spirit, meditation. Magical benefits include anointing, consecration, love, meditation, sacral chakra, purification.